La Biblia de Estudio de La Reforma


The Reformation Study Bible (Spanish Edition) has been carefully crafted under the editorial leadership of R.C. Sproul and the contributions of 75 distinguished theologians and pastors from around the world. Over 1.1 million words of verse-by-verse and topical explanations faithfully presented to emphasize the need for the grace of God to lead out of darkness and into the light of Scripture. The Reformation Study Bible (Spanish Edition) offers an unprecedented experience of reading, study and discipleship for every age and stage of Christian life.

Faithful Scholarship & Commentary
• Theological notes from general editor, R.C. Sproul
• Commentary from 75 distinguished theologians from around the world
• Topical articles to enrich additional study of Scripture

Comprehensive Notes and Theological Resources
• Over 1.1 million words of verse-by-verse and topical explanations
• Over 20,000 study notes
• Historical creeds and confessions from 2,000 years of church history

Study Tools & Visual Helps
• 16 pages of high-resolution full color maps at back of Bible
• Embedded maps provide quick references as you read
• Concordance, table of weights and measures, and more

Bible version: La Biblia de las Américas (LBLA)

Para información completamente en español, visita La Biblia de Estudio de La Reforma.

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